Special Operations Memorial Foundation

Send us Honoree Updates

Thank you for your help!

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us with any additional information or corrections you may have about an honoree.

Some information we would like to have for each honoree is:

  • Some descriptive biographical information about the honoree
  • A picture of the honoree
  • A close-up picture of their name on the wall
  • The location of their name on the wall (see details below)
  • Any other updates or corrections you know about

You can send this information to specialoperationsmemorial@krobeinteractive.com. Please make sure to include the full name of the honoree so we identify the correct individual.

How to tell us a name's location on the wall

The wall is in the shape of the SOM spear and is divided into five sections with rows and columns.  A diagram is below.

  • Medal of Honor (MOH) recipients can be found at the tip of the spear. Columns in this section are numbered 1-14 from left to right and rows start with 1 on top.
  • There are four additional sections on the sides of the spear. Column 1 is closest to the MOH section and column 78 is furthest away. Rows start with 1 on top.

If you have any trouble finding the correct row and column for the honoree, feel free to provide pictures of the general location and we will do our best to find it.

Memorial Wall Guide