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Medal of Honor - Victoria Cross Recipients

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Name Service
Ashley, Eugene Jr. USA (MOH Citation)
Beikirch, Gary B. USA (MOH Citation)
Benavidez, Roy USA (MOH Citation)
Bryant, William M. USA (MOH Citation)
Buker, Brian L USA (MOH Citation)
Byers, Edward C. Jr USN (MOH Citation)
Cavaiani, Jon R. USA (MOH Citation)
Chapman, John A. USAF (MOH Citation)
Dix, Drew USA (MOH Citation)
Donlon, Roger H. C. USA (MOH Citation)
Fisher, Bernard F. USAF (MOH Citation)
Fleming, James P. USAF (MOH Citation)
Gordon, Gary I. USA (MOH Citation)
Hagen, Loren D. USA (MOH Citation)
Hosking, Charles E., Jr. USA (MOH Citation)
Howard, Robert L. USA (MOH Citation)
Jackson, Joe M. USAF (MOH Citation)
Jones, William A., III USAF (MOH Citation)
Kedenburg, John J. USA (MOH Citation))
Kelley, Thomas G. USN (MOH Citation)
Kerrey, Joseph R. USN (MOH Citation)
Law, Robert D. USA (MOH Citation)
Levitow, John L. USAF (MOH Citation)
Littrell, Gary Lee (MOH Citation) USA (MOH Citation)
Miller, Franklin D. USA (MOH Citation)
Miller, Robert James, MOH USA (MOH Citation)
Mize, Ola Lee USA MOH Citation
Monsoor, Michael A. USN (MOH Citation)
Morris, Melvin USA (MOH Citation)
Murphy, Michael P. USN (MOH Citation)
Norris, Thomas R. USN (MOH Citation)
Ouellet, David G. USN (MOH Citation))
Payne, Keith AATTV (VC Citation)
Petry, Leroy A USA MOH Citation
Pruden, Robert J. USA (MOH Citation)
Rabel, Laszlo USA (MOH Citation)
Ray, Ronald E. USA MOH Citation
Rodela, Jose USA (MOH Citation)
Rose, Gary Michael USA (MOH Citation)
Shields, Marvin G USN (MOH Citation)
Shughart, Randall D. USA (MOH Citation)
Shurer, Ronald USA (MOH Citation)
Shurer, Ronald USA (MOH Citation)
Simpson, Rayene S. AATTV (VC Citation)
Sisler, George K. USA (MOH Citation)
Slabinski, Britt K. USN (MOH Citation)
Thornton, Michael E. USN (MOH Citation)
Versace, Humbert, R. USA (MOH Citation)
Wheatley, Kevin A. AATTV (VC Citation)
Williams, Charles Q. USA (MOH Citation)
Williams, James E. USN (MOH Citation)
Williams, Matthew O. United States Army
Yntema, Gordon D. USA (MOH Citation)
Zabitosky, Fred W. USA (MOH Citation)

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