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The following individuals or corporations have made a donation -or- designated a Permanent Remembrance to an Individual, a Unit, or Corporation by purchasing an Engraved Granite Plaque.

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Five Spears - $25,000 minimum
Four Spears - $10,000 minimum Three Spears - $5,000 minimum
Two Spears - $ 2,500 minimum One Spear - $1,000 minimum

The contribution levels of the major contributors are identified by the number of spear-heads (taken from the USSOCOM logo) at the head of respective columns of names on the Memorial and are proudly displayed on the memorial wall located adjacent to the entrance to the US Special Operations Command Headquarters complex, MacDill AFB.

Name   Contribution  
AmSouth Bank 1 Spear
Baracuda International Corporation 1 Spear
Danka Industries 1 Spear
E Systems 1 Spear
Florida Power 1 Spear
Glenn, Rasmussen & Fogarty 1 Spear
Hayward Pools 1 Spear
Hooters 1 Spear
Kreepy Krauley, USA 1 Spear
Laporte Water Tech & Biochem, Inc. 1 Spear
Marks, Ken Ford 1 Spear
Martin, Paul 1 Spear
Mezrah, Diane & John 1 Spear
Pete & Shorty's Tavern 1 Spear
Miller, Ronald W. Agency 1 Spear
Secret Service 1 Spear
Serve Air 1 Spear
Shikoku International Corporation 1 Spear
South Trust Bank 1 Spear
Stone Buick 1 Spear
TECO 1 Spear
United Services Automobile Association 1 Spear
Walt Disney World 1 Spear
Wittner, T. & J. G. 1 Spear
Shaw, Richard C & Haeng Ja 1 Spear
Telemus Solutions, Inc. 1 Spear
SpecTal LLC 1 Spear
Eclipse Energy Systems, Inc 1 Spear
The Mitre Corporation 1 Spear
JSOSE 1 Spear
Wolf, Stephanie 1 Spear
Electronic Warfare Associates Inc 1 Spear
SFA Chapter XXI 1 Spear
GORUCK 1 Spear
Scarfone, C. L. 2 Spears
SYTEX, Inc 2 Spears
USSOCOM Booster Club 2 Spears
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp 2 Spears
Keane Federal Systems Inc. 2 Spears
Titan Corporation 2 Spears
Thomas D., Arthur 2 Spears
Arthur, Thomas D. 2 Spears
Air Commando Association 3 Spears
Battelle 3 Spears
Baynard, William T. Jr. 3 Spears
Booz·Allen and Hamilton 3 Spears
Sverdrup Technology Inc. 3 Spears
Wedding Stephenson & Ibarguen Architects 3 Spears
Broderick & Associates, Inc. 3 Spears
Barker, Geoff & Judy 3 Spears
ODB-36 Mike Force, 5th SFG(A) 3 Spears
Special Operations Warrior Foundation 3 Spears
Office of Strategic Services Society 3 Spears
Chalifoux, Thomas 4 Spears
Special Forces Association 4 Spears
Special Operations Association 4 Spears
Tappan, Richard & Carleen 4 Spears
Northrop Grumman Electrical Systems 4 Spears
Jones, Glenn R. 4 Spears
Pratt & Whitney 4 Spears
Meeting Matters Plus 4 Spears
SFA Chapter LX, Meadows Memorial Chap. 4 Spears
Bon Appetit Restaurant 5 Spears
Lockheed Martin Corporation 5 Spears
Pinch a Penny Pool Patio and Spa 5 Spears
Science Applications International Corporation 5 Spears
The Boeing Company 5 Spears
Raytheon 5 Spears
SAIC / AMTI 5 Spears
Gemini Industries Inc 5 Spears

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This memorial is dedicated to and pays tribute to those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to their nation.

It is also dedicated to the quiet professionals of yesterday, today, and tomorrow who, as part of a legendary community of uncommenly skilled and uniquely trained ground, air and maritime forces and civilians, stand ready to meet the challenges faced by our nation.

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