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Special Operations Memorial Directory

A tribute to those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to their nation

Select the first letter of the Honoree's family name to access the alphabetical list of memorial engravings. When the selected alphabetical listing appears, select Honoree's name to view the actual memorial engraving. The plaques are proudly displayed on the memorial wall located adjacent to the entrance to the US Special Operations Command Headquarters complex, MacDill AFB.

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Name Service
Saal, Harvey USA
Sabasteanski, V. USMC
Sadilek, William L. USN
Saenz, Carlos Noe USAR
SAIC / AMTI, Major Contributor
Salazar, Roy A. USAF
Salzman, Robert USA
Samek, Jesse USAF
Sanchez, Daniel R. USAF
Sanchez, Edward USA
Sanchez, Pedro USA
Sanchez, Roberto D. USA
Sanders, Michael J. USA
Sangillo, Frank USA
Santiago, Anibel USA
Santiego, Eva USA
Santora, Jason A. USA
Santos, Jonathan J. USA
Sarber, John N. USN
Sardis, Sam W. USAR
Sartor, James USA
Sather, Scott D. USAF
Saunders, Alex P. USA
Savage, James C. USA
Savard, Ryan J. USA
Sawyer, Paul J. USA
Sawyer, W. H. USN
Scarfone, C. L. Major Contributor
Scarfone, R. C. Civ
Schamberger, Robert R. USN
Schatte, Jay S. USAF
Schaufelburger, Albert USN
Scherkenbach, Chris J. USA
Schiro, Joseph L. USA
Schloemer, James USA
Schmaus, Mark J. USAF
Schmieman, Dietrich A. USMC
Schnell, Jim USA
Scholes, E. E. USA
Scholl, Mark USAF
Scholten, Julian S. USAF
Schooler, Steven T. USA
Schoomaker, F. B. and F. V. USA
Schoomaker, Peter J. USA
Schultz, Joseph W. USA
Schwedler, Joseph USN
Science Applications International Corporation, Major Contributor
Scott, Edward E. USA
Scott, Melissa USA
Scouts & Raiders WWII, USN
Scouts and Raiders, USN
Scriver, Jerry USA
Sea Wake Resorts, Donor
Sealey, Dennis USA
Secor, Gilbert USA
Secret Service, Major Contributor
Seif, Andrew C. USMC
Seigel, Steven USN
Seitsinger, Danton USA
Seng, Lester L. USA
Servais, Adam Peter USAF
Serve Air, Major Contributor
SFA Chapter 32, XXXII USA SF Assn
SFA Chapter LX, Meadows Memorial Chap. Major Contributor
SFA Chapter XXI, Major Contributor
SFA Command Chapter 60, USA SF Assn
Shadle, Brett D. USN
Shaw, Christopher D. USA
Shaw, Richard A. USA
Shaw, Richard C & Haeng Ja Major Contributor
Shaw, Scott W. USN
Shaw, Stanford H. III USMC
Shawn, Lau L. USA
Shea, Timothy M. USA
Sheaffer, Christopher W. USAF
Shellenberger, Eric F. USN
Shelton, Henry H. USA
Sheperty, Nicholas Q. USA
Sherman, Rex M. USA
Shero, Anissa A. USAF
Sherrill, Geoffrey B. USA
Shields, Marvin G USN (MOH Citation)
Shields, Marvin G USN (MOH)
Shikoku International Corporation, Major Contributor
Shirkenbach, Chris L. USA
Shiro, Joseph L. USA
Sholtis, Donald M.
Shriver, Jerry USA
Shue, Donald USA
Shuffler, Phyllis SOCOM Civ
Shugart, Randolph USA
Shughart, Randall D. USA (MOH Citation)
Shumate, Walter USA
Shurer, Ronald USA (MOH Citation)
Shurer, Ronald USA (MOH Citation)
Sibley, Forrest B. USAF
Sievers, Francis E. USA
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp, Major Contributor
Simmons, David USA
Simmons, Shawn E. USA
Simpson, Michael . USAF
Simpson, Rayene S. AATTV (VC Citation)
Sims, Jacob M. L-029-03
Sims, Michael R. USA
Sims, Paul N. USA
Sipe, Jacob USA
Sisler, George K. USA (MOH Citation)
Skeen, Michael W. USAF
Skelt, Roberto C. USA
Sklenar, Leslie J. USA
Skoog, Nathaniel J. USN
Skop, John A. USNR
Slabinski, Britt K. USN (MOH Citation)
Slater, Stephen E. USA
Slaven, William E. USAF
Slusstiller, Matthew S. USA
Small, Marc J. USA
Smiley, Edward R. Jr. USA
Smith, Adam O. USN
Smith, Arden R. USAF
Smith, Edward R. USA
Smith, Emory M. USA
Smith, James D. USA
Smith, James E. USA
Smith, Ray USN
Smith, Richard A. Jr. USA
Smith, Thomas F. USA
Smith, Thomas H, USA
Snider, Ernest Duke USA
Snyder, John USA
Snyder, Kenneth O. USA
Snyder, Kevin J. USA
Soja, Marek A. USA
Soltes, Charles USA
Sonagere, Henry USA
Sonka, David M. USMC
Sonnenburg, Leon P. USA
Sonsteby, Gunnar Ally
Soomsawasdi, Panuk P. USAF
Souffront, Luis Ariel USN
South Trust Bank, Major Contributor
Southworth, John C. USA
Spann, Johnny "Mike" CIA
Spearman, Gordon K. Jr. USA
Special Forces Association, Major Contributor
Special Forces POW & MIA, Org
Special Operations Association, Major Contributor
Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Major Contributor
Special Projects Support Activity, Joint
SpecTal LLC, Major Contributor
Speer, Christopher J. USA
Spehar, Nicholas P. USN
Spence, John P. USN
Spencer, Jimmie W. USA
Spike Team ASP, USA
Spotts, John R. USA
Sprouse, Roy USA
Sprovtroff, Nicholas A. USMC
Squier, , William R. Jr. USA
Stack, Michael B. USA
Stahl, Nathan E. USA
Stark, Peter M. USA
Stark, Willie USA
Starling, J. R. USMC
Stauss, Kenneth W. USA
Stay, Andy USA
Steagald, Jefferson D. USAF
Stefanik, Anthony R. USAF
Steffen, W. D. USA
Steffens, Thomas W. USN
Stein, John USAF
Stephens, Riley G. USA
Stets, Mark A. Jr USA
Stevens, Jeffrey L. USAF
Stevens, Lowell W. USA
Stevenson, Benjamin A. USA
Stewart, Jim USA
Stiner, Carl W. USA
Stirling, Sir David British SAS
Stoddard, James R. USA
Stogsdill, William L. USAF
Stone, Jerry H. USA
Stone, Larry A. USN
Stone Buick, Major Contributor
Stonesifer, Kristofor T. USA
Stowell, Donor
Strange, Michael J. USN
Stratis, Ralph N. USA
Stratton, Ray and Mrs. J USAF
Straughan, Mark D. USA
Strickland, Clifford USA
Strickland, Joshua J. USA
Strickland, Joshua J. USA
Stright, James R. USA
Strohlein, M. A.
Strohmaier, John R. USA
Strong, Charles C. USMC
Studenmund, Scott R. USA
Stull, Lynn USA
Suh, James USN
Sullivan, John F. Civ
Summers, Severin W. III ARNG
Suncoast Vietnam Vets,
Suponcic, Joseph USA
Sverdrup Technology Inc., Major Contributor
Svitak, Philip J. USA
Swaitt, Kevin S. USA
Swann, Steve USA
Sweat, Michael USA
Sweeney, Joseph E. USA
Sweeney, Paul A, USA
Swim 'n Play, Donor
SYTEX, Inc, Major Contributor
Syverson, Paul R. USA

Special Ops Soldier

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This memorial is dedicated to and pays tribute to those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to their nation.

It is also dedicated to the quiet professionals of yesterday, today, and tomorrow who, as part of a legendary community of uncommenly skilled and uniquely trained ground, air and maritime forces and civilians, stand ready to meet the challenges faced by our nation.

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