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Special Operations Memorial Directory

A tribute to those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to their nation

Select the first letter of the Honoree's family name to access the alphabetical list of memorial engravings. When the selected alphabetical listing appears, select Honoree's name to view the actual memorial engraving. The plaques are proudly displayed on the memorial wall located adjacent to the entrance to the US Special Operations Command Headquarters complex, MacDill AFB.

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Name Service
Rabb, Robert I. USA
Rabel, Laszlo USA (MOH Citation)
Rabel, Laszlo USA (MOH)
Rada-Morales, Jeffrey M. USA
Rademacher, Mark A. USA
Raker, Mark S. USA
Ramirez, Miguel G. USA
Ramos, Paul J. USA
Ramsey, Waide A. ARNG
Rapp, Robin USA
Rappuhn, Bradley D. USA
Ratzlaff, Thomas A. USN
Raven 12, USAF
Ray, Ronald E. USA MOH Citation
Raybon, John USA
Raytheon, Major Contributor
Reali, Regina C. USA
Redd, Steven B. USA
Redmond, Larry USA
Reed , Gary USA
Reed, Robert C. USA
Reeves, Ray USA
Reeves, Robert J. USN
Regan, James J. USA
Regelin, Chad R. USN
Reich, Stephen C. USA
Reid, James D. USA
Reinhard, Kenneth A. USAF
Retzer, Thomas E. USN
Reyes, Johnny USAF
Rhea, Randolph USA
Rheinhart, John J., Jr. ARNG
Richardson, Richard USA
Richter, Ken USA
Ridout, Juan M. USAF
Rielly, Mark J. USA
Rierson, Matthew L. USA
Riley, Michael B. USA
Riley, Thomas R. USA
Ripanti, Jim USA
Rippetoe, Russell B. USA
Rivera-Lopez, Emil USA
Roberts, Dion R. USN
Roberts, Neil C. USN
Robertson, A. NZ
Robertson, Nicholas A. USA
Robinson, Charles D. USA
Robinson, Christopher L. USA
Robinson, Craig USA
Robinson, Craig T. USA
Robinson, Heath M. USN
Robinson, Loyd E. USA
Robinson, Ricky L. USA
Robinson, Russell L. USA
Robinson, William C. USN
Rodela, Jose USA (MOH Citation)
Roderick, Terry USA
Rodger, Ronald J. USN
Rodgers, Joshua P. USA
Rodriguez, Antonio United States Army
Rodriguez, Eloy A. USA
Rodriguez, Isaac G. USN
Rogers, James M. USA
Rogers, Ralph T. USA
Rogers, Richard M. USN
Roland, Matthew D. USAF
Rolfing, Robb L.. USA
Rolle, Lawrence M. USAF
Roman, Randy USA
Romero, Daniel A. ARNG
Rose, Gary Michael USA (MOH Citation)
Roseland, Robert M. USA
Ross, Andrew P. USA
Rouland, Christopher M. USA
Roush, Nicholas R. USA
Rowe, James N. USA
Rowland, John R. USA
Roy, Michael C. USMC
Rucker, John W. USA
Rudd, William P. USA
Rudess, Michael D. USA
Ruiz, Clinton Keith USA
Ruiz, Lorenzo M. USA
Rushforth, Bruce A. USA
Russ, Leonard A. USA
Russell, Michael L. USA
Rutland, Wayne USA

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This memorial is dedicated to and pays tribute to those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to their nation.

It is also dedicated to the quiet professionals of yesterday, today, and tomorrow who, as part of a legendary community of uncommenly skilled and uniquely trained ground, air and maritime forces and civilians, stand ready to meet the challenges faced by our nation.

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