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A tribute to those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to their nation

Select the first letter of the Honoree's family name to access the alphabetical list of memorial engravings. When the selected alphabetical listing appears, select Honoree's name to view the actual memorial engraving. The plaques are proudly displayed on the memorial wall located adjacent to the entrance to the US Special Operations Command Headquarters complex, MacDill AFB.

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Name Service
Kaloust, Jonathan H. USN
Kancler, Dennis E. USMC
Kantor, Matthew G. USN
Kanuha, Damon V. USAF
Kaplan, Jack USA
Katzenberger, Jeremy A. USA
Kealoha, Douglas K. USA
Keane Federal Systems Inc., Major Contributor
Kearns, Mike USAF
Keating IV, Charles USN
Keaton, LaFeyette F.
Kedenburg, John J. USA (MOH Citation))
Kedenburg, John J. USA (MOH)
Keen, Lynn V. USA
Keeton, Loretta C. Civ
Keith, Christopher J. USA
Kelley, Steven W. USAF
Kelley, Thomas G. USN (MOH Citation)
Kelly, John W. S. USA
Kelly, Joseph B. CIA
Kelly, Joseph T. USAR
Kelly, L. D. USA
Kelly, Paul P. USN
Kelly, Verne C. USA
Kelsall, Jonas B. USN
Kemmer, Thomas USA
Kemp, Calvin F. USAR
Kemp, Kerry M. USMC
Kendall, William L. USA
Keneally, Robert T. USA
Kercher, Donor
Kernan, W. F. USA
Kerrey, Joseph R. USN (MOH Citation)
Kerwood, William J. USAF
Kesler, Philip A. USAF
Kessinger, Tom Civ
Kessler, Jason M. USA
Kettle, Jeffrey Duane USA
Keys, Bradley S. USA
Kimbrell, Robert W., Jr. USAF
Kimmell, Matthew A. USA
Kimmett, Shane H. USAF
Kimura, Keith M. USN
King, Jerry M. USA
King, Philip G. USA
Kingston, Robert C. USA
Kinser, Adam G. USA
Kinsley, Edward O. USA
Kinton, Donald R. USA
Kirstensen, Erik S. USN
Kiscaden, Michael E. USA
Kisling, Daniel L. USA
Kissenger, Tom Civ
Kitowski , Charles B, III USA
Kline, Keith Allen USA
Klinger, Vernon III USA
Klinger, Vernon, Jr. USA
Klys, Adam J. USA
Knarr, James A. USA
Knaus, John R. USA
Knox, Adam L. USAR
Koch, Michel E. USN
Kocheran, Adam USA
Kolath, Obediah J. USA
Kopp, Benjamin S. USA
Kortz, Jason D. USN
Korver, Tedbo USAF
Kothakota, Surender C. USAF
Kovaleski, David USA
Kowalewski, Richard W. USA
Kownack, Terry W. USA
Kozak, Gerard M. USA
Kramer, James W. USAR
Krautwald, William F. USA
Kreepy Krauley, USA, Major Contributor
Kreuziger, Peter Donor
Kristensen, Eric S USN
Kroske, Harold W. USA
Krupa, Fred USA
Ksor, Hue Montagnard
Kubik, Ronald A. USA
Kundrat, William J. USMC
Kusick, Joe G. USA
Kutschbach, Patrick F. USA

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This memorial is dedicated to and pays tribute to those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to their nation.

It is also dedicated to the quiet professionals of yesterday, today, and tomorrow who, as part of a legendary community of uncommenly skilled and uniquely trained ground, air and maritime forces and civilians, stand ready to meet the challenges faced by our nation.

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