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A tribute to those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to their nation

Select the first letter of the Honoree's family name to access the alphabetical list of memorial engravings. When the selected alphabetical listing appears, select Honoree's name to view the actual memorial engraving. The plaques are proudly displayed on the memorial wall located adjacent to the entrance to the US Special Operations Command Headquarters complex, MacDill AFB.

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Name Service
Dahlke, Jason S. USA
Dailey, Dell L. USA
Daland, Troy USAF
Dalga, Kenneth S. USAF
Dallenger, Frederick D. USAF
Daly, Brian L. USAF
Dame, W. C. USMC
Damoth, Jack USA
Danford, Johnny W. USA
Daniel, Robert G. USA
Daniel, Robert L. USAF
Danielson, Scott M USN
Danka Industries, Major Contributor
Darissa - Lakehurst, Facility
Daugherty, Steven P. USA
Davey, William USA
David, Merle USMC
Davidson, Babysan USA
Davis, Anthony Dee USA
Davis, Edward P. USA
Davis, Jefferson D. USA
Davis, Leroy USN
Davis, Ricardo USA
Davis, Steven R. Donor
Davis, Timothy P. USA
Day, Barrie UK
Day, David P. USMC
Day, Jared D. USN
Dazachacon, Edwin H. USA
Deacy, Bill J. USA
Deacy, John J. USA
Deal, Tom USA
DeAlencar, Mark R USA
Dean, Carter M. USN
Dean , Jimmy USA
Decoteau, Marc P. USA
Deeks, Robert H., Jr. USA
Dehnke, Dale W. USA
Del Barto, Judy Civ
Del Castillo, Dimitri USA
Del Greco, Vincent USA
Delay, Hardy L. III USAF
Dellecker, Frederick USAF
DeLong, Billy USA
Dengate, Michael J. USAF
Deo, Richard L. USA
Desroches, Pierce R. USA
Detachment 101, Burma, OSS
DeVaney, Brian J. USAF
Devil Rays, Donor
Devorak, Kevin USA
Dewey, James USA
Diaz, Christopher USMC
Dickinson, Kevin R. USA
Dickinson, Michael A. USA
Diesing, Trevor J. USA
Dietz, Danny P. USN
Diggins, John and Mary USA
Dillon, Benjamin C. USA
DiMase, Jamey USA
Dimitri Del, Castillo USA
Dimock, Joseph W. II USA
Disney, Robert C. G. USA
Dix, Drew USA (MOH Citation)
Doan, Khanh ARVN
Doheny, Richard W., Jr. USN
Doherty, Glen USN
Dolan, Gary E. USA
Dolasky, Kent USA
Dolphin, Patrick R. USMC
Domeiji, Kristoffer B. USA
Dominguez, Carlos USAR
Dona, Christopher P. USA
Donahue, James USA
Doney, Norman A. USA
Donlon, Roger H. C. USA (MOH Citation)
Donnell, John G. USN
Dorrity, James O. USA
Dorsh, Kevin P. USA
Douangdara, John USN
Dougan, Charles G. USA
Dougherty, William USA
Douglas, Paul M. USA
Downing, Wayne A. USA
Downs, Johnnie USA
Downs, William B. USAF
Doyle, Al USA
Dubbs, William USA
Duffman, Scott E. USAF
Duke, Thomas W. USA
Dunagan, Jimmy L. USA
Dunbar, Jonathan J. USA
Duncan, Roy S. USAF
Duncan, Spencer C. USA
Duncan, Thomas F. III USA
Dunlap, Lee USA
Dunn, Claude J. USA
Dupont, Thomas F. USA
Dupra, Michael F. USA
Duryea, John R. USA
Duskin, Michael S. USA
Dyer, Scott W. USA

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This memorial is dedicated to and pays tribute to those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to their nation.

It is also dedicated to the quiet professionals of yesterday, today, and tomorrow who, as part of a legendary community of uncommenly skilled and uniquely trained ground, air and maritime forces and civilians, stand ready to meet the challenges faced by our nation.

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