Special Operations Memorial
To honor the selfless service and sacrifice of the men and women of the US Special Operations Command and its assigned forces
this memorial is dedicated and pays tribute to those who have made the supreme sacrifice through their service to the US special operations command

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Last Name First Name Service
Mabry Robert C. USN
MacPherson Thomas R. USA
MacVane Beau Chattan USA
MacVane Family USA
Maddock Frederick M. USA
Maestas Mario G. USN
Mahaffee Shane R. USAR
Maholic Thomas Donald USA
Maierson Mark M USA
Mallard Morris USA
Mallory Robert P. USA
Maltz Michael USAF
Malvesti Richard J. USA
Mancini Curtis USA
Mangum Ronald S. USA
Mann James USA
Mannes Larry T. USA
Manoukian Matthew P. USMC
Marburg Norman M. USA
Marcum John W. USN
Mardis Paul C. Jr USA
Marich Thomas USA
Markel Gary & Denise Civ
Marks, Ken Ford Major Contributor
Markwell James P. USA
Marquez Justin C. USA
Marston William B. USN
Martel Norman L. USAF
Martens Robert V. Jr USAF
Martin Jack M. III USA
Martin John P. USA
Martin Linwood USA
Martin Paul Major Contributor
Martin Timothy L. USA
Martinez Ronald L. USAF
Maseth Ryan D. USA
Mason Matthew D. USN
Matero Christopher A. USAF
Matheson Salve H. USA
Matos Santos A. USA
Matthews W. D. 'Matt' USA
May Chet ARNG
May James B. III USAF
May Michael F. USA
Maynard Marlin R. USA
Mayo Joel C. USAF
McAllister Cameron T. USA
McCants Hershel D. Jr USA
McClaskey John USA
McCloskey Shawn P. USA
McClure Robert L. "Moose" USA
McCombs Cathrine L. Civ
McCombs David K. USAF
McCombs James C. USAF
McDaniel Burl USA
McDaniel Joel S. USA
McDaniel Michael L. USA
McDaniel William L. II USAF
McDavid Wesley B. USA
McDermott Sean USAF
McDonald Jason A. USA
McDowell David L. USA
McEnroe Kevin J. USA
McFaul Donald L. USN
McGeary Charles R,. USA
McGee John R. USAF
McGhee Ryan Casey USA
McGill Timothy R. ARNG
McGowan Phillip USA
McGreevy Michael M. Jr USN
McGuire Robert J. USAF
McIntosh Lyn D. USAF
McIntyre Wilford W. USA
McKee Charles D. "Tiny" USA
McKenna Peter A. USA
McKinnis Emmett C. USA
McLendon David B. USN
McLuckie James R. USA
McLure Robert L. (Moose) USA
McMillan Charles T. USAF
McMullin Pat usa
McNabb Shawn H. USA
McNulty Michael L. USA
McPherson Thomas R. USA
McRaven William H. USN
McRill Robert R. USN
Meadows Joshua S. USMC
Meadows Richard J. USA
Meadows Richard J. Chapter USA
Means Ryan P. USA
Medina Antonio C. USAF
Meehan Arthur J. USA
Meeks Rhonald E. USA
Meeting Matters Plus Major Contributor
Mehlhop David J. USAF
Meister Tobias Corbin USA
Meloy James R. USAR
Memon Kashif M. USA
Mendez Theodore, Sr USA
Merchant James L. ""Bo"" USA
Merrill Allen USA
Mess Walter L. OSS
Meth Carlo J USA
Metzger David E. USA
Mezrah Diane & John Major Contributor
Michaels Cliff P. USA
Milam Charles Luke USMC
Millaway Ray USA
Miller Bill USA
Miller Brandon E. USA
Miller David S. USAF
Miller Edward C. Civ
Miller Franklin D. USA (MOH Citation)
Miller Franklin D. USA (MOH)
Miller Kenneth USA
Miller Marco L. USA
Miller Robert James USA
Miller Robert James, MOH USA
Miller Todd Doulas Donor
Miller, Ronald W. Agency Major Contributor
Millett John M. USA
Milliken Kyle L. USN
Mills Joshua M. USA
Mills Stephen M. USN
Miranda Denis C. USN
Miranda Warren USA
Mishak Blaine A. USA
Mitchell Miguel USA
Mitchell Sean K. USA
Mize Ola Lee USA
Mize Ola Lee USA MOH Citation
Mlo Hue Montagnard
Mogensen Robert J. USA
Monschke Justin S. USA
Monsoor Michael A. USN
Monsoor Michael A. USN (MOH Citation)
Montez Anastacio USA
Montgomery Michael P. USA
Montrond Alberto D. USA
Monty William R. Jr. USA
Moore Harvey L., Jr. USA
Moore Robin Civ
Moorehead Kevin N. USA
Morales Orlando USA
Moreau USA
Morehead Kevin N. USA
Moreland Theodore M. USN
Moreno David J. USA
Moreno Jennifer M. USA
Morgan George R. USA
Morgensen Robert J. USA
Moriarty James F. USAF
Morris Benjamin G. USA
Morris Melvin USA (MOH Citation)
Morris Raymond C. USA
Morris Stephen L. USN
Morrison David USA
Morrison Lawrence E. USA
Morrison Scott G. USA
Morton George USA
Moser Mike E. USAF
Mote Sky R. USMC
Mueller Nikolas A. USA
Mulhern Brian USN
Mulholland John F. USA
Mullen Sean W USA
Mummery Jeff USA
Munoz Pedro A. USA
Muralles Marcus V. USA
Murdock Gary USA
Murphy Michael P. USN
Murphy Michael P. USN (MOH Citation)
Murphy William J. USA
Murray Cecil E. Civ
Murray Daniel USA
Mustard Shawn L. USN
Myers Wiliam USA
Myrthil Marciano E. USA




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