Special Operations Memorial Directory

A tribute to those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to their nation

Select the first letter of the Honoree's family name to access the alphabetical list of memorial engravings. When the selected alphabetical listing appears, select Honoree's name to view the actual memorial engraving. The plaques are proudly displayed on the memorial wall located adjacent to the entrance to the US Special Operations Command Headquarters complex, MacDill AFB.

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Name Service
001st Force Recon, USMC
002nd Special Forces Gp (Abn), USAR
005th Special Forces Group (Abn), B-36, USA
005th Special Forces Group (Abn), B-52, USA
007th Air Force, USAF
014th Special Operations Wing, USAF
075 Ranger Regiment Association, USA
075 Ranger, Co C; E-20 LRRP, USA
075 Rgr, Co N; 74 Inf/173 Abn Bde (LRP), USA
170th Assault Helicopter Company, USA
195 Assault Helo Company, USA
195th Assault Helicopter Company, USA
2d Special Forces Gp (Abn), USA
95th Assault Helo Company, USA
Aalst, Jared D. USA
Aberdeen R & D Office, Joint
Abraham, Jack USA
Abrahamoff, Abe USAF
Absent Friends,
Acha, Edgardo USAF
Acres, Lawrence USA
Adams, Danial R. USA
Adcock, R. Gene USA
Aderholt, Harry "Heinie" USAF
Aderholt, Jessie Civ
Adkins, Dustin M. USA
Ahearn, James M. USA
Ahn, James M. USA
Air Commando Association, Major Contributor
Akos, Michael J. USAF
Alaniz, Gilbert, Jr. USA
Albrak, Omar M. USA
Aleo, David USA
Alexander, Billye Civ
Alexander, Leroy E. USA
Alicoate, Charles Timothy USA
Allen, Charles A USA
Allen, Jeremy P. USA
Allen, Justin B. USA
Allen, Kenneth A. USAF
Allen, Steven USA
Allied Universal, Donor
Allison, Thomas F. USA
Alvey, Donald R. USA
Ammerman, Matthew R USA
AmSouth Bank, Major Contributor
AMTI, Major Cntributor
Amundson, William M. USA
Anderson, Marc A USA
Anderson, Michael USA
Anderson, Scott A. USAF
Andreason, Grant USN
Andres, Joseph J. Jr. USA
Anibal, Santiago USA
Anton, William T. USA
Antonik, Christopher J. USMC
Apodaca, Gil USA
Apolinar, Martin R. USA
Archuleta, Tamara USAF
Argel, Derek M. USAF
Armstrong, Ed, Donor
Arthur, Thomas D. Major Contributor
Ashley, Eugene Jr. USA (MOH Citation)
Asis, Jay J. USN
Association of the US. Army, Donor
Atkinson, David A. USAF
Atwell, Ronald G. USA
AUSA, Donor
Axelson, Matthew G. USN
Ayun, Bhaio Montagnard
Baca, Mark M. USMC
Bahr, Roy W. USA
Bailey, R. USA
Baker, Ben USA
Baker, Chiyo Civ
Baker, John USA
Bakke, Richard L. USAF
Ballanfant, R. E. USA
Bank, Aaron USA
Bannar, George A. USA
Baptiste, Edwin Jean USA
Baracuda International Corporation, Major Contributor
Barclay, Paul N. USA
Barclay, Vincent S. USA
Barker, Geoff & Judy Major Contributor
Barker, Geoffrey T. USA
Barker, Robert G. USAF
Barnard, Larry R. USA
Barnes, Brian P. USAF
Barnes, Gary L. USA
Barnes, James E. USN
Barnes, Ron USAF
Barnhill, Edward C. USA
Barraza, Ricardo USA
Bartlett, Larry USA
Barton, Sean USAF
Bass, Robert USAF
Bass, Robert H. "Sam" USA
Battelle, Major Contributor
Bauer, Elwood Civ
Bauman, Bernard N. USA
Bawol, Marcus USMC
Baxter, Bruce R. USA
Baynard, William T. Jr. Major Contributor
Beach, Myron S. Jr USA
Beaubian, Bill USA
Becker, Andrew C. USAF
Becker, Donald B. USAR
Beckman, Robert USA
Beckwith, Charlie A. USA
Beebe, Mike USA
Beem, Bradley C. USA
Behnke, Patrick J. USAF
Beikirch, Gary B. USA (MOH Citation)
Bell, Arthur F. USA
Bell, Ealy Coll Jr. USA
Bell, Gene USA
Bell, John J. USN
Bell, Peter USA
Belletti, Gregg M. USA
Benavidez, Roy USA (MOH Citation)
Bennett, Alexander J. USA
Bennett, Jerome E. USAF
Bennett, William C. USA
Bennett, William M. USA
Benson, Darrik C. USN
Berg, Harold L. USA
Bernstein, James J. USA
Berryhill, Roger D. USA
Beseke, Jeff A. USAF
Bessa, Jeremy E. USA
Besser, Thomas B. USA
Bessor, B. USA
Bettelyoun, Marty B. USAF
Beuge, Paul G. USAF
Bibby, Mark A. USA
Bigler, John USA
Bikinis, USA
Bild, Frank USAF
Bild, Norm USAF
Bild, Norman USAF
Bill, Brian R. USN
Birchim, James USA
Bird, Jeremy B. USA
Birdsalla, Hank USA
Bishop, Keith R. USA
Black, Bryan C. USA
Blackburn, Donald USA
Blackiston, Slator C. USN
Blais, Rock E. USN
Blakey, George A., Jr. USA
Bland, Thomas C., Jr. USAF
Blankenburg, William R. USA
Blasjo, Aaron A. USA
Blaylock, Trevor P. USMC
Blessing, Jay A. USA
Blessinger, John P. USAF
Blue, Thomas USA
Blyler, Stephen A. USAF
Boatman, Roy USA
Boesch, Rudolph E. USN
Bohle, Bradley S. USA
Bolin, Neal L. USA
Bolton, Lyndin W. USA
Bomark, Ivan USA
Bon Appetit, Donor
Bond, Richard D. USN
Booker, Isiah L. USA
Bookout, C. F. USA
Books, Ronald USA
Booz·Allen and Hamilton, Major Contributor
Border, Jeremie S. USA
Borja, Juan S. USA
Bost , Robert H. USA
Bost Family, USA
Bostic, Tom G, USA
Bott, USA
Bottema, John USMC
Bourgeois, Matthew J. USN
Bowling, Christopher USA
Boyd, Michael A. USA
Boyles, Timothy USA
Bracy, Todd R. USAF
Bramhall, Robert A. USA
Bramhill, Robert E. USA
Brandon F., Eggleston USA
Brannum, Robert E. USA
Brauer, Elwood Civ
Braun, Jerry P. USAF
Brave Special Operations Brethren,
Brehm, Dale Gregory USA
Breitlow, Malte USAF
Brennan, John P. USA
Briley, Donovan USA
Brims, Richard C. USAF
Brinton, William USMC
Brite, John C. USA
Brittonmihalo, Andrew T. USA
Broadwater, B. E. USA
Brock, Anthony D, USA
Broderick & Associates, Inc., Major Contributor
Brogan, Edward Pat USA
Bronte, Frank USA
Broussard, Alvin J. USA
Browder, William T. USAF
Brown, Adam L. USN
Brown, Alan C USA
Brown, Bryan D. "Doug" USA
Brown, Christopher L. USA
Brown, George R. USA
Brown, Jason L. USA
Brown, John W. USAF
Brown, Mark L. USA
Brown, Marvin L. USA
Brown, Roy D., Jr. USA
Brown, William R. USA
Brton, Sean USAF
Bryant, William USA
Bryant, William M. USA (MOH Citation)
Buccaneers, USA
Buccille, Richard G. USA
Buckelew, Alvin H. USA
Buckhorn, Bob Civ
Bucklew, Phil H. USN
Buckley, Nathanial D. USAF
Buege, Paul G. USAF
Buehring, Charles H. USA
Buker, Brian L USA (MOH Citation)
Bundy, Ernie USA
Burda, Bruce E. USAF
Burdette, Hilburn M. Jr. USA
Burgess, John F. USA
Burkhart, Chad USN
Burkhart, Walter G. USA
Burns, Al USA
Burns, Richard R. USA
Burrowes, Corwin M. Jr USA
Burrus, Louis H. USA
Busch, Daniel R. USA
Bush, Charles E. Jr. USA
Butcher, Kenneth J. USN
Butler, Kevin USA
Bya, Bhi Montagnard
Bya, Tiak Montagnard
Byers, Andrew D. USA
Byers, Edward C. Jr USN
Byrom, Jack A. USN
Caban, Eric USA
CAE USA Inc, Donor
Caeline, Gene USA
Calero, Jeffrey R.. USA
Camacho, Isaac USA
Campbell, Christopher G. USN
Campbell, Kenneth W. USA
Campion, Francis T. ARNG
Candril, Bruce C. USA
Carabello, Luis USAF
Cardona, Ronald W. USA
Cardott, Gregory D.. USA
Carey, Larry USNR
Carline, Eugene USA
Carlson, Steven Allan USA
Carney, John, T. Jr USAF
Caro, Henry USA
Carpenter, Clayton O. USA
Carr, Donald Gene USA
Carroll, Dean W. USA
Carter, Anthony D. USA
Carter, David R. USA
Carter, Mark T. USN
Cartwright, Charles I. USMC
Carvella, Tom USA
Casey, Nicholas A. USA
Cassady, John R. USA
Cathcart, Michael A, USA
Cavaco, James M. USA
Cavaiani, Jon R. USA (MOH Citation)
Cavallaro, Salvatore J. USN
Cavallero, Joe Jr USA
CCC, Kontum, USA
Cenney, Bernard R. USA
Century Products, Donor
Cerros, Ricardo Jr USA
Cervantes, Victor H. USA
Chalifoux, Thomas Major Contributor
Chancey, Terry O. USAF
Chandler, Jeremy A. USA
Chapman, Christopher USA
Chapman, Clive ""Chip"" UK
Chapman, John A. USAF
Chapman, John A. USAF (MOH Citation)
Chapman, Nathan Ross USA
Chapter 64, SFA, Org
Charette, Wilfred J. A. CIA
Chase, Charles D., Jr. USA
Chatham, Richard N. USA
Chavez, Christel A. USAF
Chay, Kyu Hyuk USA
Checque, Nicholas D. USN
Cherry, Bob G. USA
Chester, John USA
Childress, Alan R. USA
Chisolm, Avonye John C. USA
Chittenden, Todd A. USA
Choi, Rodney G. USN
Chris, Andrew F. USA
Christian, Eric D. USMC
Christian, Longsworth USA
Christian, Rusty H. USA
Chumbley, Barry R. USAF
Cianos, Andrew M. USA
Cinkosky, David C. USA
Civitella, Caesar USA
Clark, Barry M. USAF
Clark, C. L. USA
Clark, Charles W. USA
Clark, Eddy D. USAF
Clark, Mark A. USMC
Clark, Otto F. USA
Clarkson, Joel D. USA
Class 16, JSOFSEA
Class 17, JSOFSEA Joint
Clearon Corp, Donor
Cleveland, William D. USA
Cliff, Richard G. Jr USA
Cline, Randy K. USA
Clover, USA
Clowers, Jesse G. Jr USA
Cockerham, William C. USA
Coehlo, Antonio USA
Cofer, Everette E. USA
Coffin, Christopher USA
Cole, Robert L. (Bob) USA
Coleman, Mark W. USA
Colin T., Thomas USN
Collette, Henry OSS
Collier, Steve USA
Collins, William USA
Comacho, Isaac 'Ike' USA
Comfort, Kyle A. USA
Commons, Mathew A USA
Community Chapter # 292, Donor
Compton, Carl USA
Conax Florida Group, Donor
Conley, John B. USA
Connelly Insurance Group, Donor
Conner, Bradly Dean USA
Conneway, Timothy USA
Connors, John P. USN
Conrad, Alexander W. USA
Conway, Robert USA
Coombs, Bill USA
Coone, George USA
Cooper, Charles W. USA
Cooper, William F. USA
Copes, Gregory T. USMC
Coppinger, John J. USA
Corbin, John D. USA
Corlew, Sean M. USAF
Cornell, Lance S, USA
Cornell, William V. USAR
Cornwell, Mark D. USA
Cortez, Donor
Costa, Jeffrey R. USAF
Covey 275, USA
Cox, Donor
Cox, John USA
Cox, John R. USA
Cox, Robert H. USMC
Cox, John J. & Cameron, Donor
Crabtree, Daniel B. ARNG
Craig, James USA
Crain, Darcy USA
Crane, Fred A. USA
Cranford, William R. USA
Crantz, Carl USA
Crate, Casey J. USAF
Crawford, Gary C. USAF
Creighton, Andrew J. USA
Creighton, Andrew J. USA
Crews, Fletcher, A. USA
Cribben, Stephen B. USA
Cripps, William D USA
Critselous, John P. USA
Cronin, James S. USAF
Crose, Bradley S USA
Crossan, T. B., III USA
Crumley, Bobby M. USA
Crusader, R.T. USA
Cummings, Christopher USA
Cunningham, Jason D USAF
Curreri, Joseph F. USA
Curry, Joseph Patrick USA
Dahlke, Jason S. USA
Dailey, Dell L. USA
Dalga, Kenneth S. USAF
Dallenger, Frederick D. USAF
Daly, Brian L. USAF
Dame, W. C. USMC
Damoth, Jack USA
Danford, Johnny W. USA
Daniel, Robert G. USA
Daniel, Robert L. USAF
Danielson, Scott M USN
Danka Industries, Major Contributor
Darissa - Lakehurst, Facility
Daugherty, Steven P. USA
Davey, William USA
David, Merle USMC
Davidson, Babysan USA
Davis, Anthony Dee USA
Davis, Edward P. USA
Davis, Jefferson D. USA
Davis, Leroy USN
Davis, Ricardo USA
Davis, Steven R. DONOR
Davis, Timothy P. USA
Day, Barrie UK
Day, David P. USMC
Day, Jared D. USN
Dazachacon, Edwin H. USA
Deacy, Bill J. USA
Deacy, John J. USA
Deal, Tom USA
DeAlencar, Mark R USA
Dean, Carter M. USN
Dean , Jimmy USA
Decoteau, Marc P. USA
Deeks, Robert H., Jr. USA
Dehnke, Dale W. USA
Del Barto, Judy Civ
Del Castillo, Dimitri USA
Del Greco, Vincent USA
Delay, Hardy L. III USAF
Dellecker, Frederick USAF
DeLong, Billy USA
Dengate, Michael J. USAF
Deo, Richard L. USA
Desroches, Pierce R. USA
Detachment 101, Burma, OSS
DeVaney, Brian J. USAF
Devil Rays, Donor
Devorak, Kevin USA
Dewey, James USA
Diaz, Christopher USMC
Dickinson, Kevin R. USA
Dickinson, Michael A. USA
Diesing, Trevor J. USA
Dietz, Danny P. USN
Diggins, John and Mary USA
Dillon, Benjamin C. USA
DiMase, Jamey USA
Dimitri Del, Castillo USA
Dimock, Joseph W. II USA
Disney, Robert C. G. USA
Dix, Drew USA (MOH Citation)
Doan, Khanh ARVN
Doheny, Richard W., Jr. USN
Doherty, Glen USN
Dolan, Gary E. USA
Dolphin, Patrick R. USMC
Domeiji, Kristoffer B. USA
Dominguez, Carlos USAR
Dona, Christopher P. USA
Donahue, James USA
Doney, Norman A. USA
Donlon, Roger H. C. USA (MOH Citation)
Donnell, John G. USN
Dorrity, James O. USA
Dorsh, Kevin P. USA
Douangdara, John USN
Dougan, Charles G. USA
Dougherty, William USA
Douglas, Paul M. USA
Downing, Wayne A. USA
Downs, Johnnie USA
Downs, William B. USAF
Doyle, Al USA
Dubbs, William USA
Duffman, Scott E. USAF
Duke, Thomas W. USA
Dunagan, Jimmy L. USA
Dunbar, Jonathan J. USA
Duncan, Roy S. USAF
Duncan, Spencer C. USA
Duncan, Thomas F. III USA
Dunlap, Lee USA
Dunn, Claude J. USA
Dupont, Thomas F. USA
Dupra, Michael F. USA
Duryea, John R. USA
Duskin, Michael S. USA
Dyer, Scott W. USA
E Systems, Major Contributor
Eban, Klok Montagnard
Eban, Klu Montagnard
Ebbert, Kevin R. USN
Eclipse Energy Systems, Inc, Major Contributor
Edds, Gladstone USA
Edge, Bill USA
Edge, Sandy USAF
Edmunds, Jonn J. USA
Eggers, Daniel W. USA
Eggleston, Brandon F. USA
Egnor, Jody L. USA
Eichner, Gregory D. USA
Electronic Warfare Associates Inc, Major Contributor
Elizalde, Adrian M. USA
Elizarraras, Emigdia E. USA
Ellingson, Eric USA
Ellis, Robert W. USA
Elmore, Darrell G (Moe) USA
Endress, Larry D. USA
Engle, Clifford L. USA
Enos, Darrel L. USMC
Erberich, Christopher M. USA
Ertman, Micheal USA
Evans, Larry K. USA
Evans, William USA
Eyler, William C. USAF
Faas, John W. USN
Fair, Michael J. USA
Faley, Jason USAF
Falkel, Christopher M. USA
Fallen Brothers, USAF
Fallen SF Brothers, USA
Families of Quiet Professionals,
Faris, James C. USA
Farnum, Albert D. USA
Farr, Warner D. (Rocky) USA
Feeks, Patrick D. USN
Feistner, Curtis D. USA
Felton, John T. USAF
Felton, William M. USAF
Ferguson, Bill USA
Ferguson, Kenneth USA
Ferguson, Richard L. USA
Fernandez, George A. USA
Ferreira, James A. USAF
Ferschke , Mike Jr. USMC
Fester, Gregory F. USAR
Field, Thomas USA
Fields, Arthur T. USA
Fillmore, Earl R. USA
FinishMaster, Donor
Fisher, Bernard F. USAF (MOH Citation)
Fitzhenry, Theodore USN
Flack, James USA
Flanagan, Douglas J. USA
Fleming, Allan F., Jr USA
Fleming, James P. USAF (MOH Citation)
Fletcher, Kim W. USA
Florida Forest Service, Org
Florida Power, Major Contributor
Flynn, Liam A. USMC
FOB-1, Phu Bai, USA
FOB-2, Kontum, USA
FOB-3, Khe Sanh, USA
Foley, Peter F. USA
Fontaine, Sully USA
Fontan, Jacques J, USN
Forester, Mark A. USAF
Fortenberry, Dick USA
Fortner, Alwyn E. USAF
Fortucci, Robert A. USA
Foshee, Jeremy D. USA
Foster, Robert A. USA
Foster, Samuel B. USA
Foster, Steen B. USA
Fouke, Thomas C. USN
Fowler, Neil A. USA
Fox, Walter M. USA
Fraley, Jason USAF
Frampton, Gregrory M. USA
Franciosa, John L. USAR
Francke, Eric USA
Frank, Raymond A. USA
Franklin, Guy E. USA
Fratoni, Mark J. USA
Frazier, Jacob L. USAFR
Freedman, Lawrence M. USA
Freeman, Bryan L. USA
Freitas, Joe USA
Freiwald, Jason R. USN
Fresques, Jeremy J. USAF
Fridovich, David P. USA
Friedland, Alexia USA
Friend, Al USA
Frith, Kerry W. USA
Fritz, Gregory W. USAF
Froberg, Paul USA
Fronabarger, Carl A. USAF
Fronius, Gregory A. USA
Frye, Nichole M. USA
Fryer, John R. USA
Furbish, R. Tyler USA
Furr, Lonnie D. USA
Fusco, Arthur A. USN
Gallovitch, Elmer USA
Galloway, D. E. USMC
Galvan, Arthur USAF
Ganczewski, Steven C USA
Gannon, Tim USA
Gant, J. P., Jr. USAF
Ganz, Felix USA
Garbs, Ryan Clark USA
Garcia, David USAF
Gardner, Gregory E. USA
Garner, Willard USA
Garrison, William F. USA
Garza, Damian J. USA
Gaspard, George 'Speedy' USA
Gasper, Frank J. USA
Gass, Girard D. Jr USA
Gassman, Fred A USA
Gates, Ken USN
Gathercole, Christopher USA
Gavulic, Joshua M. USAF
Geer, Terrance USA
Gehringer, Ralph W. USAF
Georges, Noel USA
Gerome, Mike USA
Gerrard, Gary Loy USAR
Ghane, Shapoor A. USN
Gibbons, Henry C. USA
Gibbons, Thomas J. USA
Gibson, Melvin B. D. USAF
Gifford, Jonathan W. USMC
Gilbert, Robert L. II USMC
Gilden, Terry L. USA
Gilfillan, Bill C. USA
Gilley, Troy A. USA
Ginas, James M III USN
Ginder, Jerrald USA
Ginger, Harry USA
Girard, Christian USA
Glaze, Ray A. USAR
Glenn, Charles Lee USA
Glenn, Rasmussen & Fogarty, Major Contributor
Global War on Terror,
Gloyer, Ryan A. USA
Goare, Shamus O. USA
Godsey, Dave USA
Godsey, James USA
Gold, Eric G. USA
Goldsmith, Wyatt A. USA
Golin, Mihail USA
Gomez, Donor
Gonsalves, Chad A. USA
Goodnature, Corey J. USA
Goodwin, Robert S. USA
Gordon, Brandon D. USA
Gordon, Gary I. USA (MOH Citation)
Gorman, Dennis (Lee) USA
GORUCK, Major Contributor
Gove, Steven "Doc" USA
Grabianowski, S. Z.. USA
Gradzewicz, Joseph L. USA
Graham, Robert "RJ" USA
Granado, Alejandro III ARNG
Grandy, James H. USA
Graves, Donnie USAR
Gray, Lawrence B. USAF
Green, George C. USA
Green, Martin L. USA
Greene, Calvin A. USA
Grenier, Philip S. USA
Greppin, Ernest H., III USN
Gressett, David G. USAF
Grey, James J. USA
Grider, Ronald A. USA
Grimes, Keith R. USAF
Grimm, Michael C. USA
Grimm, William D. USAF
Grissom, James F. USA
Griswold, Robert L. USA
Grizzell, Clint A. USAF
Groth, Alan USA
Grzesik, Steven USA
Gudmunson, Brent M. USA
Guerrero, Carlos USA
Guest, James A. USA
Guillory, Michael J. USMC
Guzman, Raymond J. USA
Gypsy, USA
Haase, Donald W. USA
Hableman, Alfred C USA
Hagemann, Harry R. USN
Hagen, Loren D. USA (MOH Citation)
Hailey, Stephen V. USA
Hale , Donor
Hales, Billy R. USN
Hall, Eugene USA
Hall, John F. USN
Hall, Michael D. USA
Hall, Ryan P. USA
Hall, Thomas F. USA
Halperin, Robert USN
Halterman, H. David USA
Hamburger, Patrick D. USA
Hamby, Thomas. L. USAF
Hamilton, Joseph L. USA
Hamner, Gene D. USAF
Handwerk, W. USA
Hanlon, James A. USMC
Hansen, Justin M. USMC
Hansen, Stephen A. USA
Hardy, Frank A. USA
Hardy, Nathan A. USN
Hario, Eric W. USA
Harland, Wayne USA
Harness, Alphonse USA
Harper, Gary Ray USA
Harrigan, Gregory M. USA
Harriman, Stanley L. USA
Harrington, W. Drew USA
Harris, Glenn L. USA
Harris, Joshua T. USN
Harrison, Calvin B. USA
Harrison, Marion E. USA
harrison, R USAF
Harrison, Timothy R. USAF
Hartman, David J. USA
Hartsook, G.L. USA
Hartwell, Benjamin USN
Harvell, Andrew W. USAF
Harvell, Peter USA
Harwood, Clay USA
Hasenfus, M. USA
Hatch, Khan ARVN
Hawkins, Don L. USA
Hawkins, Patrick C. USA
Hayes, Joseph D. USA
Hayes, William C. USA
Hayward Pools, Major Contributor
Healy, Daniel R. USN
Heckert, Ross USA
Hein, Charles J. USA
Heinitsh, Harry USA
Henderson, Aaron A. USA
Henderson, John M. USA
Henry, James R. USAF
Henry, Thomas M. USA
Henshaw, Patrick L. USA
Hensley, Timothy R. USA
Heredia, Edgar A. USMC
Hernandez, Jose A. USA
Hernandezchavez, Josue E. USA
Herrema, Richard John USA
Herrick, Robert F. USN
Hicks, Jason USAF
Hicks, John C. Unk
Higginbotham, Michael J. USA
Higgins, Tanner S. USA
Hill, Eugene A. USA
Hinsch, Rodney L. USA
Hively, Kenneth USA
Hobson, D. F. "Hobby" USA
Hodges, Robert K. USAF
Hoeffner, Benjamin D. USA
Hoffman, John USAF
Hoffman, Lou USA
Hogan, Shawn G. USA
Hogan, Wallace Cole Jr. USA
Hogbin, Ronnie E. USA
Holbein, Jack USAF
Holbrook, Jason E. USA
Holland, Charles USA
Holland, Charles R. USAF
Holland, Daniel E. USAR
Holleyman, Aaron N. USA
Holloway, Terry USA
Holman, Ronald S. USA
Holtz, Tyler N. USA
Hooters, Major Contributor
Horan, David ARNG
Horn, Clinton V. USAF
Hornbeck, Kelly L. USA
Horns, Christopher A. USA
Horrigan, Robert M. USA
Horstman, Randi. USA
Hortman, John D. USA
Hosey, Michael W. USA
Hosking, Charles E. USA (MOH)
Hosking, Charles E., Jr. USA (MOH Citation)
Houston, Kevin A. USN
Howard, Meredith USAR
Howard, Robert L. USA (MOH Citation)
Howe, Kenneth E. USN
Howell, James L. USA
Hudson, Raymond USA
Hughes, Derek C. USAF
Hull, J. L. USA
Hume, Walter J. USA
Hunsberger, Travis K. USA
Hunter, John R. USA
Hurley, Patrick USA
Hurt, David L. USA
Husted, F. R. "Dick" USA
Hutchens, Timothy D. USA
Hwing, Greo Montagnard
Hwing, Siep Montagnard
Iceman, The, USA
Ige, Wayne USA
Ignatz, William G. USA
II Corps Mike Force, USA
Ion, Simon J. SASR Australia
Ionescu, Bogdan A USA
Ireland, John R. III USA
Irzyk, Andrew L. USA
Ishimoto, Wade USA
Isler, Jack J. USA
Isom, David L. usn
ITT Industries, Donor
Jackson, Joe M. USAF (MOH Citation)
Jackson, Mark W. USA
Jackson, Nathanial USA
Jackson, Paul USA
Jacoby, Kip A. USA
Jageler, Charles D. USA
Jakovenko, Vladimir USA
Jalal, Joe USA
Jamison, Earnest C. USA
Janecki, Danny USA
Jankiewicz, Michael D. USA
Jarrett, James E. USA
Jefferson, William H USAF
Jeffries, Joseph A. USAR
Jelks, Ed. Jr. OSS
Jenkins, Charles "Chuck" USA
Jennings, Allen E. USA
Jensen, Randy K. USAF
Jerak, Ivica USA
Jeschke, Ryan USMC
Job, Brian USN
Johnson, Allen C. USA
Johnson, Jeremiah W. USA
Johnson, Jesse USA
Johnson, John W. USN
Johnson, La David T. USA
Johnson, Robert USA
Johnson, Robert S. USAF
Johnson, Tony Civ
Johnson, Wayne A. USAF
Jones, Glenn R. Major Contributor
Jones, Harry E. USA
Jones, James IV USA
Jones, Jason B. USA
Jones, Jeffrey Y. USAF
Jones, Larry K USA
Jones, William A., III USAF (MOH Citation)
Jordan, David W. USA
Jordan, Paul R. USA
Jordan, Sherman W. USA
Joyce, James C. USA
JSOFSEA, Class 24 Joint
JSOFSEA, Class 25 Org
JSOFSEA, Class 26 Joint
JSOFSEA , Class 28 Joint
JSOSE, Major Contributor
Judd, Warren usa
Judy, Mark R. USAF
Jutras, Dillon M. USA
Kaloust, Jonathan H. USN
Kancler, Dennis E. USMC
Kantor, Matthew G. USN
Kanuha, Damon V. USAF
Kaplan, Jack USA
Katzenberger, Jeremy A. USA
Kealoha, Douglas K. USA
Keane Federal Systems Inc., Major Contributor
Kearns, Mike USAF
Keating IV, Charles USN
Keaton, LaFeyette F.
Kedenburg, John J. USA (MOH Citation))
Kedenburg, John J. USA (MOH)
Keen, Lynn V. USA
Keeton, Loretta C. Civ
Keith, Christopher J. USA
Kelley, Steven W. USAF
Kelley, Thomas G. USN (MOH Citation)
Kelly, John W. S. USA
Kelly, Joseph B. CIA
Kelly, Joseph T. USAR
Kelly, L. D. USA
Kelly, Paul P. USN
Kelly, Verne C. USA
Kelsall, Jonas B. USN
Kemmer, Thomas USA
Kemp, Calvin F. USAR
Kemp, Kerry M. USMC
Kendall, William L. USA
Keneally, Robert T. USA
Kercher, Donor
Kernan, W. F. USA
Kerrey, Joseph R. USN (MOH Citation)
Kerwood, William J. USAF
Kesler, Philip A. USAF
Kessinger, Tom Civ
Kessler, Jason M. USA
Kettle, Jeffrey Duane USA
Keys, Bradley S. USA
Kimbrell, Robert W., Jr. USAF
Kimmell, Matthew A. USA
Kimmett, Shane H. USAF
Kimura, Keith M. USN
King, Jerry M. USA
King, Philip G. USA
Kingston, Robert C. USA
Kinser, Adam G. USA
Kinsley, Edward O. USA
Kinton, Donald R. USA
Kirstensen, Erik S. USN
Kiscaden, Michael E. USA
Kisling, Daniel L. USA
Kissenger, Tom Civ
Kitowski , Charles B, III USA
Kline, Keith Allen USA
Klinger, Vernon III USA
Klinger, Vernon, Jr. USA
Klys, Adam J. USA
Knarr, James A. USA
Knaus, John R. USA
Knox, Adam L. USAR
Koch, Michel E. USN
Kocheran, Adam USA
Kolath, Obediah J. USA
Kopp, Benjamin S. USA
Kortz, Jason D. USN
Korver, Tedbo USAF
Kothakota, Surender C. USAF
Kovaleski, David USA
Kowalewski, Richard W. USA
Kownack, Terry W. USA
Kozak, Gerard M. USA
Kramer, James W. USAR
Krautwald, William F. USA
Kreepy Krauley, USA, Major Contributor
Kreuziger, Donor
Kristensen, Eric S USN
Kroske, Harold W. USA
Krupa, Fred USA
Ksor, Hue Montagnard
Kubik, Ronald A. USA
Kundrat, William J. USMC
Kusick, Joe G. USA
Kutschbach, Patrick F. USA
Lackey, James B. USAF
Lam, Chieu Ngoc ARVN
Lambert, Geoffrey C. USA
Lampe, Michael L. USAF
Lancaster, John M. USN
Landau, Herman, Jr. USA
Landers, Paul W. USA
Landgraf, Jerome H. USA
Landis, Christopher A. USA
Lane, Mitchell A. USA
Langelier, Daniel P. USN
Langlais, Louis J. USN
Langley, Kevin E. USA
Langmack, Steven M. USA
Lannon, Kevin J. USA
Laporte Water Tech & Biochem, Inc., Major Contributor
Larochelle, Mark R. USA
Last Patrol, USA
Lastes, Glenn P. USAF
Latvala, Donor
Lau, Shawn L. USA
Lauck, Ronald USA
Lauck, Ronald W. USA
Law, Robert D. USA (MOH Citation)
Lawson, Karl USA
Lawton, Garrett T. USMC
Layman, James H., Sr. USA
Lazarov, Lazar K. III USA
Leach, Talon R. USMC
Leandri, Richard A. Civ
Lear, Phillip S. USA
Leathers, Clifford USA
LeClerc, Phillipe CAN
Lee, Daniel T. USA
Lee, Edward G. USA
Lee, Marc A. USN
Lee, Mark G. USAF
Leites, Robert L. USA
LeMoyne, Irve C. "Chuck" USN
LeMoyne, Irve C. Jr USN
LeMoyne, John M. USA
Lencioni, Rick USA
Leonard-Cox, Kay Civ
Lesesne, Edward R. USA
Lesley, Ronald USA
Levitow, John L. USAF (MOH Citation)
Levitow, John L. USAF (MOH)
Lewellen, Matthew C. USA
Lewis, Chuck USA
Lewis, Harold L. USAF
Lewis, Jason D. USN
Lewis, Jordan A. USAF
Lewis, Rodney USAF
Lewis, Seth C. USN
Libby, George V. USA
Lighter, Andrew J. USN
Lilley, Arthur L. USA
Lincks, Max B., Jr. USAF
Lindenau, Robert D. USA
Lindsay, James J. USA
Linesberry, Debbie Civ
Linesberry, Jimmy Civ
Little, Lawrence L. USA
Littrell, Gary Lee (MOH Citation) USA
Livaudais, Nino D. USA
Livengood, Kevin R. USA
Lobosco, Andrew T. USA
Lockheed Martin Corporation, Major Contributor
Lockwood, Donor
Loebenberg, Donor
Loftis, John D. USAF
Logan, Gary W. USAF
Lohrey, Ryan M. USN
Loisel, James L. USA
Long, Ryan P. USA
Longsworth, Christian USA
Looney, Brendan J. USN
Lopez, John E., Jr. USA
Lorraine, James R. Civ
Lost Buds, USAF
Love, Tony USA
Lovelace, James D. USN
Lowe, Denny USA
Lucas, Jeffery A. USN
Lucas, Keith J. USA
Luce, Ronald G. Jr ARNG
Lucky Charm, USA
Lugo, Martin A. USA
Lum, Tom CIA
Lund, Robert D. USA
Lunday, Robert G. USA
Lundberg, Kevin E. USN
Lunseth, Paul L. USAF
Lunyou, Jimmy S. USA
Lurz, Joseph F. USMC
Luttrell, Bruce USA
Lutz, George Anthony II USA
Lutz, Jay P. USA
Lutz, Joseph C. USA
Lutz, Joseph C. USA
Lutz, Joseph J. ROTC
Lyndon, James P. USAF
Lynn, Adrian USA
Lyons, Brendan L. USA
Lyons, Niall D. USA
Mabry, Robert C. USN
MacPherson, Thomas R. USA
MacVane, Beau Chattan USA
MacVane Family, USA
Maddock, Frederick M. USA
Maestas, Mario G. USN
Mahaffee, Shane R. USAR
Maholic, Thomas Donald USA
Maierson, Mark M USA
Mallard, Morris USA
Mallory, Robert P. USA
Maltz, Michael USAF
Malvesti, Richard J. USA
Mancini, Curtis USA
Mangum, Ronald S. USA
Mann, James USA
Mannes, Larry T. USA
Manoukian, Matthew P. USMC
Marburg, Norman M. USA
Marcum, John W. USN
Mardis, Paul C. Jr USA
Marich, Thomas USA
Markel, Gary & Denise Civ
Marks, Ken Ford, Major Contributor
Markwell, James P. USA
Marquez, Justin C. USA
Marston, William B. USN
Martel, Norman L. USAF
Martens, Robert V. Jr USAF
Martin, Jack M. III USA
Martin, John P. USA
Martin, Linwood USA
Martin, Paul Major Contributor
Martin, Timothy L. USA
Martinez, Ronald L. USAF
Maseth, Ryan D. USA
Mason, Matthew D. USN
Matero, Christopher A. USAF
Matheson, Salve H. USA
Matos, Santos A. USA
Matthews, W. D. 'Matt' USA
May, Chet ARNG
May, James B. III USAF
May, Michael F. USA
Maynard, Marlin R. USA
Mayo, Joel C. USAF
McAllister, Cameron T. USA
McCants, Hershel D. Jr USA
McClaskey, John USA
McCloskey, Shawn P. USA
McClure, Robert L. "Moose" USA
McCombs, Cathrine L. Civ
McCombs, David K. USAF
McCombs, James C. USAF
McDaniel, Burl USA
McDaniel, Joel S. USA
McDaniel, Michael L. USA
McDaniel, William L. II USAF
McDavid, Wesley B. USA
McDermott, Sean USAF
McDonald, Jason A. USA
McDowell, David L. USA
McEnroe, Kevin J. USA
McFaul, Donald L. USN
McGeary, Charles R,. USA
McGee, John R. USAF
McGhee, Ryan Casey USA
McGill, Timothy R. ARNG
McGowan, Phillip USA
McGreevy, Michael M. Jr USN
McGuire, Robert J. USAF
McIntosh, Lyn D. USAF
McIntyre, Wilford W. USA
McKee, Charles D. "Tiny" USA
McKenna, Peter A. USA
McKinnis, Emmett C. USA
McLendon, David B. USN
McLuckie, James R. USA
McLure, Robert L. (Moose) USA
McMillan, Charles T. USAF
McMullin, Pat usa
McNabb, Shawn H. USA
McNulty, Michael L. USA
McPherson, Thomas R. USA
McRaven, William H. USN
McRill, Robert R. USN
Meadows, Joshua S. USMC
Meadows, Richard J. USA
Meadows, Richard J. Chapter USA
Means, Ryan P. USA
Medina, Antonio C. USAF
Meehan, Arthur J. USA
Meeks, Rhonald E. USA
Meeting Matters Plus, Major Contributor
Mehlhop, David J. USAF
Meister, Tobias Corbin USA
Mejia, Luis A USA
Meloy, James R. USAR
Memon, Kashif M. USA
Mendez, Theodore, Sr USA
Merchant, James L. ""Bo"" USA
Merrill, Allen USA
Mess, Walter L. OSS
Meth, Carlo J USA
Metzger, David E. USA
Mezrah, Diane & John Major Contributor
Michaels, Cliff P. USA
Milam, Charles Luke USMC
Millaway, Ray USA
Miller, Bill USA
Miller, Brandon E. USA
Miller, David S. USAF
Miller, Edward C. Civ
Miller, Franklin D. USA (MOH Citation)
Miller, Franklin D. USA (MOH)
Miller, Kenneth USA
Miller, Marco L. USA
Miller, Robert James USA
Miller, Robert James, MOH USA
Miller, Todd Doulas Donor
Miller, Ronald W. Agency, Major Contributor
Millett, John M. USA
Milliken, Kyle L. USN
Mills, Joshua M. USA
Mills, Stephen M. USN
Miranda, Denis C. USN
Miranda, Warren USA
Mishak, Blaine A. USA
Mitchell, Miguel USA
Mitchell, Sean K. USA
Mize, Ola Lee USA
Mize, Ola Lee USA MOH Citation
Mlo, Hue Montagnard
Mogensen, Robert J. USA
Monschke, Justin S. USA
Monsoor, Michael A. USN
Monsoor, Michael A. USN (MOH Citation)
Montez, Anastacio USA
Montgomery, Michael P. USA
Montrond, Alberto D. USA
Monty, William R. Jr. USA
Moore, Harvey L., Jr. USA
Moore, Robin Civ
Moorehead, Kevin N. USA
Morales, Orlando USA
Moreau, USA
Morehead, Kevin N. USA
Moreland, Theodore M. USN
Moreno, David J. USA
Moreno, Jennifer M. USA
Morgan, George R. USA
Morgensen, Robert J. USA
Moriarty, James F. USAF
Morris, Benjamin G. USA
Morris, Melvin USA (MOH Citation)
Morris , Raymond C. USA
Morris, Stephen L. USN
Morrison, David USA
Morrison, Lawrence E. USA
Morrison, Scott G. USA
Morton, George USA
Moser, Mike E. USAF
Mote, Sky R. USMC
Mueller, Nikolas A. USA
Mulhern, Brian USN
Mulholland, John F. USA
Mullen, Sean W USA
Mulvey, John USA
Mummery, Jeff USA
Munoz, Pedro A. USA
Muralles, Marcus V. USA
Murdock, Gary USA
Murphy, Etienne J. USA
Murphy, Michael P. USN
Murphy, Michael P. USN (MOH Citation)
Murphy, William J. USA
Murray, Cecil E. Civ
Murray, Daniel USA
Murray, Joseph J. USMC
Mustard, Shawn L. USN
Myers, Wiliam USA
Myrthil, Marciano E. USA
Nate, Dan USA
Nations Bank, Donor
Natural Chemistry, Donor
Naumann, Terrell K. USA
Navarro, Henry USA
Nazionale, Michael USAF
Neil, William R. Jr USA
Nelson, Caleb A. USN
Nelson, Don USA
Nevins, Liam Jules ARNG
Nevins, Liam Jules ARNG
New, Steven M. ARNG
Newman, Bernard W. USA
Newman, Cliff USA
Newman, Clinton T. USA
Newton, William M. Civ
Nguyen, Tung M. USA
Nicholas, Jamie A. USA
Nichols, Bryan J. USA
Nichols, Gary G. USA
Nicol, Andrew C. USA
Nie, Chin Montagnard
Nie, Dhoi Montagnard
Nie, Niu Montagnard
Nie, Noe Montagnard
Nie , Wing Montagnard
Nie, Wok Montagnard
Nie, Yam Montagnard
Nissley, Bob USN
Noboa, J Civ
Nommensen, Jakob J. USA
Norbury, Francis M. USA
Norris, Thomas R. USN (MOH Citation)
Norsworthy, Garry R. USA
Northrop Grumman Electrical Systems, Major Contributor
Northwest Mutual, Donor
Norton, Charles W. 'FANG' USA
Nova, Paige Civ
Null, Nicholas R. USN
Nunez, David USA
NWCG Leadership, Org
O'Connor, Mike USA
O'Rourke, William H. USA
O'Steen, Mark S. USA
Ochsner, James .C. USA
ODB-36 Mike Force, 5th SFG(A), Major Contributor
Odell, Robert D. USA
Odell, Robert M. USAF
Oelschlager, John L. USAF
Office of Strategic Services, Organization
Office of Strategic Services Society, Major Contributor
Officer, Timothy A. Jr USAF
Ogonowski, David L. USA
Olaes, Tony B USA
Olan, Joseph J. USA
Oler, Randall R. USA
Olson, Eric T. USN
Olson, Norman H. USN
Oney, Joseph M. USAR
Orman, Joseph J. USA
Ormes, Ralph D. USA
Ortiz, Thomas W. Jr. USAF
OSS Detachment 101, Burma, OSS
Osterweil, John & Leslie Civ
Oswald, Peter G. USN
Ouellet, David G. USN (MOH Citation))
Ouellette, Brian J. USN
Owen, Michael G. USA
Owens, Bartt D. USA
Owens, John C. USA
Owens, Ray C. Jr. USAF
Owens, William R. USN
Owens, Wilson B. USA
Paccerelli, George USA
Pacino, Matthew A. ARNG
Padgett, Timothy P. USA
Paige, J. P. USMC
Palm Pavilion, Donor
Palmer, Jeffrey A. USA
Palmer, William Lea (Nick) USA
Palmerton, Jason T. USA
Pape, Kevin M. USA
Parayno, Florencio USA
Parcelewicz, John M. USAF
Park, Daeham USA
Parker, David USA
Parker, David A. USA
Parker, L. A. USA
Parr, Keith M. USA
Patino, Robert L. USA
Patterson, Cody J. USA
Patterson, Thomas D. USAF
Patton, Eric S USN
Patton, James B. USA
Patton, Jerry D. USA
Paul, Robert Joseph USAR
Paul, Stanford A. USA
Paulsen, Ronald Lee USAR
Payne, Keith AATTV (VC Citation)
Pearl, Eden USMC
Peat Warwick KMPG, Donor
Pechacek, William R. USN
Pedersen-Keel, Andrew M. USA
Peel, Lawrence R. USA
Peixotto, Roland E. USAF
Pelham, John A. USA
Peney, Jonathan K USA
Pentico, Patrick P. USAF
Pepin, Al Civ
Pepin, Art Civ
Pepper, Brandon R. USA
Peppers, Gregory S. USAF
Perchard, John R. Jr. USA
Perkins, Rudy C. USA
Perron, Michael D. USAF
Pershing, Richard W. USA
Pete & Shorty's Tavern, Major Contributor
Peters, Joseph Michael USA
Peters, Remington J. USN
Petithory, Daniel USA
Petrie, George USA
Petruzzelli, Jack USA
Petry, Leroy A USA MOH Citation
Phelan, Mark P. USA
Photopoulos, Lou USA
Picklesimer, Billy USA
Pierson, Roger USAF
Pike, Christian N. USN
Pilla, Dominick M. USA
Pinch a Penny Pool Patio and Spa, Major Contributor
Piper, Christopher N. USA
Piper, Ronald B. USA
Pirelli, Robert R USA
Pittman, Jesse D. USN
Place, Elon A. USA
Platt, Alfred G. USAF
Plite, Jason USAF
Plumhoff, Steven USAF
Plutino, Alessando USA
Ponder, James W. III USA
Poole, James A. "Andy" USN
Pope, Jerry O. "Buck" USN
Pope, Lonzo D. USA
Potter, Richard USA
Powell, H. Comer USA
Powell, William E. USA
Pratt & Whitney, Major Contributor
Preiss, Robert USA
Prenter, Jerry R. USA
Presler, Donald T. USA
Presley, Eulis USA
Pretzel One, USA
Price, Bruce USA
Price, Daniel J. USMC
Price, Dwayne L. USA
Price, Gary L. USA
Price, Job USN
Price, John M. USA
Pridemore, Dallas R. USA
Prieser, Dale E. USA
Prieser, Robert S. USA
Prieser, Timothy L. USA
Prosser, Brian C. USA
Prowell, James S. USAF
Pruden, Robert J. USA (MOH Citation)
Prudential Florida Realty, Donor
Pruiett, Denis & Suzan Civ
Pruitt, Jason E. USN
Prusak, Tim USN
Pucino, Matthew A. ARNG
Pugh, Eugene H. USA
Pybus, Sean A. USN
Quam, Mark A USA
Quamo, George USA
Quiet Professionals,
Quimby, Donald USA
Quinlan, John A. USA
Quinn, Patrick H. USA
Rabb, Robert I. USA
Rabel, Laszlo USA (MOH Citation)
Rabel, Laszlo USA (MOH)
Rada-Morales, Jeffrey M. USA
Rademacher, Mark A. USA
Raker, Mark S. USA
Ramirez, Miguel G. USA
Ramos, Paul J. USA
Ramsey, Waide A. ARNG
Rapp, Robin USA
Rappuhn, Bradley D. USA
Ratzlaff, Thomas A. USN
Raven 12, USAF
Ray, Ronald E. USA MOH Citation
Raybon, John USA
Raytheon, Major Contributor
Reali, Regina C. USA
Redd, Steven B. USA
Redmond, Larry USA
Reed , Gary USA
Reed, Robert C. USA
Reeves, Ray USA
Reeves, Robert J. USN
Regan, James J. USA
Regelin, Chad R. USN
Reich, Stephen C. USA
Reid, James D. USA
Reinhard, Kenneth A. USAF
Retzer, Thomas E. USN
Reyes, Johnny USAF
Rhea, Randolph USA
Rheinhart, John J., Jr. ARNG
Richardson, Richard USA
Richter, Ken USA
Ridout, Juan M. USAF
Rielly, Mark J. USA
Rierson, Matthew L. USA
Riley, Thomas R. USA
Ripanti, Jim USA
Rippetoe, Russell B. USA
Rivera-Lopez, Emil USA
Roberts, Dion R. USN
Roberts, Neil C. USN
Robertson, A. "Tony' NZ
Robertson, Nicholas A. USA
Robinson, Charles D. USA
Robinson, Christopher L. USA
Robinson, Craig USA
Robinson, Craig T. USA
Robinson, Heath M. USN
Robinson, Loyd E. USA
Robinson, Ricky L. USA
Robinson, Russell L. USA
Robinson, William C. USN
Rodela, Jose USA
Roderick, Terry USA
Rodger, Ronald J. USN
Rodgers, Joshua P. USA
Rodriguez, Eloy A. USA
Rodriguez, Isaac G. USN
Rogers, James M. USA
Rogers, Ralph T. USA
Rogers, Richard M. USN
Roland, Matthew D. USAF
Rolfing, Robb L.. USA
Rolle, Lawrence M. USAF
Roman, Randy USA
Romero, Daniel A. ARNG
Rose, Gary Michael USA
Roseland, Robert M. USA
Rouland, Christopher M. USA
Roush, Nicholas R. USA
Rowe, James N. USA
Rowland, John R. USA
Roy, Michael C. USMC
Rucker, John W. USA
Rudd, William P. USA
Rudess, Michael D. USA
Ruiz, Clinton Keith USA
Ruiz, Lorenzo M. USA
Rushforth, Bruce A. USA
Russ, Leonard A. USA
Russell, Michael L. USA
Rutland, Wayne USA
Saal, Harvey USA
Sabasteanski, V. USMC
Sadilek, William L. USN
Saenz, Carlos Noe USAR
SAIC / AMTI, Major Contributor
Salazar, Roy A. USAF
Salzman, Robert USA
Samek, Jesse USAF
Sanchez, Daniel R. USAF
Sanchez, Edward USA
Sanchez, Pedro USA
Sanchez, Roberto D. USA
Sanders, Michael J. USA
Sangillo, Frank USA
Santiago, Anibel USA
Santiego, Eva USA
Santora, Jason A. USA
Santos, Jonathan J. USA
Sarber, John N. USN
Sardis, Sam W. USAR
Sather, Scott D. USAF
Saunders, Alex P. USA
Savage, James C. USA
Savard, Ryan J. USA
Sawyer, Paul J. USA
Sawyer, W. H. USN
Scarfone, C. L. Major Contributor
Scarfone, R. C. Civ
Schamberger, Robert R. USN
Schatte, Jay S. USAF
Schaufelburger, Albert USN
Scherkenbach, Chris J. USA
Schiro, Joseph L. USA
Schloemer, James USA
Schmaus, Mark J. USAF
Schmieman, Dietrich A. USMC
Schnell, Jim USA
Scholes, E. E. USA
Scholl, Mark USAF
Scholten, Julian S. USAF
Schooler, Steven T. USA
Schoomaker, F. B. and F. V. USA
Schoomaker, Peter J. USA
Schultz, Joseph W. USA
Schwedler, Joseph USN
Science Applications International Corporation, Major Contributor
Scott, Edward E. USA
Scott, Melissa USA
Scouts & Raiders WWII, USN
Scouts and Raiders, USN
Scriver, Jerry USA
Sea Wake Resorts, Donor
Sealey, Dennis USA
Secor, Gilbert USA
Secret Service, Major Contributor
Seif, Andrew C. USMC
Seigel, Steven USN
Seitsinger, Danton USA
Seng, Lester L. USA
Servais, Adam Peter USAF
Serve Air, Major Contributor
SFA Chapter 32, XXXII USA SF Assn
SFA Chapter LX, Meadows Memorial Chap. Major Contributor
SFA Chapter XXI, Major Contributor
SFA Command Chapter 60, USA SF Assn
Shadle, Brett D. USN
Shaw, Christopher D. USA
Shaw, Richard A. USA
Shaw, Richard C & Haeng Ja Major Contributor
Shaw, Scott W. USN
Shaw, Stanford H. III USMC
Shawn, Lau L. USA
Shea, Timothy M. USA
Sheaffer, Christopher W. USAF
Shellenberger, Eric F. USN
Shelton, Henry H. USA
Sherman, Rex M. USA
Shero, Anissa A. USAF
Sherrill, Geoffrey B. USA
Shields, Marvin G USN (MOH Citation)
Shields, Marvin G USN (MOH)
Shikoku International Corporation, Major Contributor
Shirkenbach, Chris L. USA
Shiro, Joseph L. USA
Sholtis, Donald M.
Shriver, Jerry USA
Shue, Donald USA
Shuffler, Phyllis SOCOM Civ
Shugart, Randolph USA
Shughart, Randall D. USA (MOH Citation)
Shumate, Walter USA
Shurer, Ronald USA (MOH Citation)
Sibley, Forrest B. USAF
Sievers, Francis E. USA
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp, Major Contributor
Simmons, David USA
Simmons, Shawn E. USA
Simpson, Michael . USAF
Simpson, Rayene S. AATTV (VC Citation)
Sims, Jacob M. L-029-03
Sims, Michael R. USA
Sims, Paul N. USA
Sisler, George K. USA (MOH Citation)
Skeen, Michael W. USAF
Skelt, Roberto C. USA
Sklenar, Leslie J. USA
Skoog, Nathaniel J. USN
Skop, John A. USNR
Slabinski, Britt K. USN
Slater, Stephen E. USA
Slaven, William E. USAF
Slusstiller, Matthew S. USA
Small, Marc J. USA
Smiley, Edward R. Jr. USA
Smith, Adam O. USN
Smith, Arden R. USAF
Smith, Edward R. USA
Smith, Emory M. USA
Smith, James D. USA
Smith, James E. USA
Smith, Ray USN
Smith, Richard A. Jr. USA
Smith, Thomas F. USA
Smith, Thomas H, USA
Snider, Ernest Duke USA
Snyder, John USA
Snyder, Kenneth O. USA
Snyder, Kevin J. USA
Soja, Marek A. USA
Soltes, Charles USA
Sonagere, Henry USA
Sonka, David M. USMC
Sonnenburg, Leon P. USA
Sonsteby, Gunnar Ally
Soomsawasdi, Panuk P. USAF
Souffront, Luis Ariel USN
South Trust Bank, Major Contributor
Southworth, John C. USA
Spann, Johnny "Mike" CIA
Spearman, Gordon K. Jr. USA
Special Forces Association, Major Contributor
Special Forces POW & MIA, Org
Special Operations Association, Major Contributor
Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Major Contributor
Special Projects Support Activity, Joint
SpecTal LLC, Major Contributor
Speer, Christopher J. USA
Spehar, Nicholas P. USN
Spence, John P. USN
Spencer, Jimmie W. USA
Spike Team ASP, USA
Spotts, John R. USA
Sprouse, Roy USA
Sprovtroff, Nicholas A. USMC
Squier, , William R. Jr. USA
Stack, Michael B. USA
Stahl, Nathan E. USA
Stark, Peter M. USA
Stark, Willie USA
Starling, J. R. USMC
Stauss, Kenneth W. USA
Stay, Andy USA
Steagald, Jefferson D. USAF
Stefanik, Anthony R. USAF
Steffen, W. D. USA
Steffens, Thomas W. USN
Stein, John USAF
Stephens, Riley G. USA
Stets, Mark A. Jr USA
Stevens, Jeffrey L. USAF
Stevens, Lowell W. USA
Stevenson, Benjamin A. USA
Stewart, Jim USA
Stiner, Carl W. USA
Stirling, Sir David British SAS
Stoddard, James R. USA
Stogsdill, William L. USAF
Stone, Jerry H. USA
Stone, Larry A. USN
Stone Buick, Major Contributor
Stonesifer, Kristofor T. USA
Stowell, Donor
Strange, Michael J. USN
Stratis, Ralph N. USA
Stratton, Ray and Mrs. J USAF
Straughan, Mark D. USA
Strickland, Clifford USA
Strickland, Joshua J. USA
Strickland, Joshua J. USA
Stright, James R. USA
Strohlein, M. A.
Strohmaier, John R. USA
Strong, Charles C. USMC
Studenmund, Scott R. USA
Stull, Lynn USA
Suh, James USN
Sullivan, John F. Civ
Summers, Severin W. III ARNG
Suncoast Vietnam Vets,
Suponcic, Joseph USA
Sverdrup Technology Inc., Major Contributor
Svitak, Philip J. USA
Swaitt, Kevin S. USA
Swann, Steve USA
Sweat, Michael USA
Sweeney, Joseph E. USA
Sweeney, Paul A, USA
Swim 'n Play, Donor
SYTEX, Inc, Major Contributor
Syverson, Paul R. USA
Taboada, Frank USA
Tafoya, Eugene A. USA
Taha, Ayman Abdeirahman USA
Tappan, Richard & Carleen Major Contributor
Tappan, Richard A. Civilian
Tapper, David M. USN
Tarbox, Jeffrey D. USA
Tarlavsky, Michael Y. USA
Taylor, David USAF
Taylor, Jeffrey S. USN
Taylor, John E. USA
Taylor, Kip USA
Taylor, William L. USA
Teal, John USAF
TECO, Major Contributor
Teeter, Roger D. USA
Teevens, Dick USA
Telemus Solutions, Inc., Major Contributor
Telescope, Donor
Telfair, Charles W. USA
Textor, David W. USA
The Boeing Company, Major Contributor
The Mitre Corporation, Major Contributor
Thetford, William USA
Thomas, Adam S. usa
Thomas, Cameron H. USA
Thomas, Donald D. USAF
Thomas, Kristofer D. S. USA
Thomas, Michael A. USA
Thomas, Michael Duane USA
Thomas, Raymond A. 'Tony' USA
Thomas, Rich A. USA
Thomas, Ronald G USA
Thomas, Saunders USMC
Thomas, Shawn D. USA
Thomas D., Arthur Major Contributor
Thomas Family, Donor
Thomas R., Duke USA
Thompson, David J. USA
Thompson, David J. USA
Thompson, Jerald L. USA
Thompson, John USA
Thompson, Matthew V. USA
Thompson, Ralph L. USA
Thompson, Richard J. USA
Thompson, Thomas D. USA
Thorne, Kevin G. USA
Thorne, Larry USA
Thornsbury, Duane A. ARNG
Thornton, Michael E. USN (MOH Citation)
Thorp, Fred USA
Thuma, David USA
Tibbets, Robert W. USA
Tidwell, Tracy A. USA
Tiffner, Benjamin D. USA
Tilghman, Chris T. USN
Tilghman, Kevin Civ
Tillman, Patrick D. USA
Time Warner, Donor
Timothy R., McGill ARNG
Timpani, Mike USA
Tinsley, John USA
Titan Corporation, Major Contributor
Toboada, Frank USA
Toczylowski, Jeffrey P. USA
Todd, J. E. USA
Todd, Mark T. USAF
Tolbert, Jim USA
Tolleson, John H. USA
Tomeny, Tallas USA
Tomlin, Thomas (Tom) USA
Torello, Carl H. USA
Torian, Aaron C. USMC
Torres, Nathan Jon USA
Torres, Teodoro USAR
Townsend, Joshua R. USA
Tracy, Martin A. USAF
Trahan, Tyler J USN
Treber, James M. USA
Tredinnick, Charles N. USA
Tremblay, Alain J. USA
Trent, Gregory R. USA
Trick, David USA
Trimble, Larry USA
Tripson, John R. USN
Tubba, Glen A. USA
Tucker, Brad USN
Tucker, Chad USA
Tucker, David B. USA
Tucker, Jalisha V. USA
Tucker, Thomas C USA
Tullis, Stephen J. USAF
Tully, Michael J. USA
Tumilson, Jon T. USN
Turbe, Janette Cameron Gow
Turner, Billy Joe USA
Turns, Robert J. USA
Tuttle, William H. USA
Tycz, Peter P. II USA
Tyhurst, Jay USA
Uldall, Thomas M. USAF
United Marketing Associates Inc., Donor
United Services Automobile Association, Major Contributor
Unzicker, William J. USA
Upton, Kurt J. USAF
USSOCOM Booster Club, Major Contributor
Utley, Daniel H. USA
Vaccaro, Lance M. USN
Vacho, Nathan Jon USAR
Valdez, Juan C. USA
Valentine, Thomas J. USN
Van Lerberghe, Ross USAF
Vance, Gene A, Jr. ARNG
Vandervoort, Dale S. USA
Vanlerberghe Plaque, Ross USAF
Vannes, Clayton L. USA
Vannes, Toni M. Civilian
Vasquez, Gary J. USA
Vasquez, Tony M. USA
Vaughn, Aaron C. USN
Vaughn, Travis R. USA
Vazquez, Richard L. USA
Vega-Velazquez, Mario USA
Venable, Elton R. USA
Venetz Jr, Anthony USA
Versace, Humbert, R. USA (MOH Citation)
Vetter, Robert P. USN
Vickers, Kraig M. USN
Vincent, Richard L. USA
Viola, Alex A. USA
Voas, Randell D. USAF
Vogeler, Larry H. USA
Voigt, Steven M. USN
Vose, Douglas M. III USA
Votel, Joseph L USA
Waide, Donald USA
Walch, Richard H. USA
Walden, Brett E. USA
Waldo, David R. USA
Waldo, Maturin F. USA
Waldron, Bill USA
Waldron, Monty USA
Walker, Harold (Hal) USA
Walker, Joe Johnnie USA
Walker, Terrell USN
Walkup, Thomas A. Jr USAF
Walls, Barry R. USAF
Walsh, Michael J. USN
Walt Disney World, Major Contributor
Walters, Dixon L., Jr. USAF
Walters, Howard A. USAF
Walthers, Frand D. USA
Warrell, David K. USA
Warren, Kyle R. USA
Warsen, David J. USN
Waterman, J., Chapter, USAF
Watkins, Pat N. USA
Waugh, Billy D. USA
Wayne, George A. USA
Wayne, Jones USAF
Weart, Peter A. USAR
Weathers, Andrew T. USA
Weavers, Paul J. USAF
Wedding Stephenson & Ibarguen Architects, Major Contributor
Weeks, Jamie D. USA
Weidner, Frederick W. USA
Weiss, Morris Ben USA
Wells, Charles R. USA
Wells, G (Smokey) USA
Welsh, Joey USA
Westburg, Troy USA
Wheatley, Kevin A. AATTV (VC Citation)
Wheeler, Frank C. USA
Wheeler, Joshua USA
Whitaker, Joshua R. USA
Whitbeck, Dyke H. USAF
Whitcher, David J. USA
White, Ashley I. USA
White, Charles E, USA
Whiting, Justin Ray USA
Whitlock, Nicholas S. USAF
Whittington, Ray USA
Wick, Melvin USA
Wiegner, John N. USA
Wieland, Fredrick USA
Wil, CIA
Wilcox, Charles USA
Wilder, Jerry L. USA
Wiley, Duke USAF
Wilkens, Julian S. USAF
Wilkinson, Adam A. USA
Willey, Cheyenne C. USA
Williams, Charles Q. USA (MOH Citation)
Williams, Gene USA
Williams, Gene usa
Williams, Harold D. USA
Williams, James E. USN (MOH Citation)
Williams, John W. USA
Williams, Larry USA
Williamson, Gil USAF
Wills, Charles R. USA
Wilson, Mark R. USN
Wilson, Ron C.
Wilson, Samuel V. USA
Winder, Nathan L. USA
Winegart, Daniel USA
Winters, Franklin D. USA
Wise, Benjamin Brian USA
Wiseman, Paul USA
Wiskow, Ingo USA
Witter, David J. W. USA
Wittner, T. & J. G. Major Contributor
Woitowicz, William J. USMC
Wolcott, Clifton P. USA
Wolf, Stephanie Major Contributor
Wood, Leigh UK
Wood, Roy A. ARNG
Woodle, Ronald T. USN
Woods, Earl D. USA
Woods, Earl D. USA
Woods, Travis M USMC
Woods, Tyrone USN
Woods, William B. Jr USA
Woodworth, Jason T. USA
Woolard, John Paul USN
Woolard, Rick USN
Wooley, Mike USAF
Woolshlager, John C. USA
Workman, Jason R. USN
Worrell, Matthew W. USA
Wright, Christopher S. USA
Wright, Dustin M. USA
Wright, James B USA
Wright, Jeremy R. USA
Wright, Melvin J. USA
Wright, Michael L. USA
Wrinkle, Christopher M. USMC
Wyatt A., Goldsmith USA
Wyatt A., goldsmith USA
Yamane, Mark O. USA
Yancy, John M. USA
Yarborough, William P. USA
Yersac, Joseph USA
Yersak, Joseph USA
Yntema, Gordon D. USA (MOH Citation)
Yoder, Julius M. USA
Yost, Anthony Ray Charles USA
Young, Mitchell W. USA
Your Place,
Zabitosky, Fred W. USA (MOH Citation)
Zaun, Mickey E. USA
Zerbe, Daniel L. USAF
Zilaitis, Albert CIA
Zizelman, Rickey D. USA
Zleit, William USA
Zozaya, Arthur R. USAF
Zucharelli, G. P. USAR

Special Ops Soldier

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This memorial is dedicated to and pays tribute to those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice in service to their nation.

It is also dedicated to the quiet professionals of yesterday, today, and tomorrow who, as part of a legendary community of uncommenly skilled and uniquely trained ground, air and maritime forces and civilians, stand ready to meet the challenges faced by our nation.

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